Tlacolula y Yagul

This past weekend we ventured out of town to the Sunday market in Tlacolula and to visit the archealogical site at Yagul.  We mastered the colectivo, an efficient way of moving people from town to town.  We found the stand by the baseball stadium, waited for a colectivo with “Tlacolula” written across the windshield and when one came we jumped in.  At additional stops, more people jumped in until there were 5 passengers in a small Datsun sedan.  For 20 pesos each (about $1.50), we got a ride to Tlacolula about 30 miles outside of Oaxaca.

After enjoying all the sites and sounds of the mercado, the inglesia and having something to eat, we hopped into another colectivo headed for Yagul, an archealogic site, up the main road about 5 – 7 miles.  Upon further discussion with the driver, we discovered this colectivo was headed to “Yagul fractionamento”, the town of Yagul, not las ruinas.  For another 50 pesos he agreed to take us up to the ruins.  Yagul was a town built around 700 AD, about the time Monte Alban  was deserted.  The ruins are well preserved, but not a lot of people around and no taxis for miles.  Luckly, a couple from New Mexico with a driver agreed to take us back to Tlacolula.


2 thoughts on “Tlacolula y Yagul”

  1. Lindy and Bill, It sounds like you are having a great time. I am enjoying following the blog, and my mouth started to water when I saw the picture of the mountain of mameys. I love that fruit (and the beautiful ebony colored seed). Enjoy,, enjoy!

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