San Agustin Etla

After a week of class and with more Spanish in our heads, we grabbed a colectivo and headed for San Agustin Etla, a small puebla about 45 minutes outside of Oaxaca.  In the late 19th century, a Spanish family built a textile manufacturing facility.  This facility was a step way above, architecturally,  anything that was being built in the United States at the time.  However, like many textile facilities it was abandoned.

In the late 20th century, Francisco Toleda, a world famous Oaxaquenan artist led its revival into an arts institution.  In addition to visiting artist facilities, there are galleries, handmade paper production, book binding, a children’s school and, today, additional housing under construction.

After checking out the center, we headed out for a hike we had heard about.  The hike follows the path of an aqueduct and terminates 3 miles out at a now abandoned hydro electric plant.  We got started a little late and decided not to make the full trek.  We had a bit of excitement with dogs just as we left town on the hike.  If you go, bring a stick or whistle.  Click on the photos below to get a slide show.


2 thoughts on “San Agustin Etla”

  1. Lots of cold weather and snow. You are on quite a trip. I’m not so sure I understand all your pictures. Skiing in Franconia is kind of tame to your travels. Happy valentines day

  2. HI LINDY AND BILL, WHAT BEAUTIFUL PICTURES. I am drooling. We have finished another snowstorm. All is well. We both have skiied and have played tennis and living a pleasant life. We miss you and at the same time cheer you on. Love to you both, Mom

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