A Word about Food

Since we’ve arrived in Oaxaca and while we’ve been in school, we’ve been living with Lourdes (Lulu)  and Octavio.  Lourdes is a fantastic cook.

Each morning she prepares freshly squeezed orange juice, a fresh platter of fruit, yogurt, a variety of oats/grains/seeds for cereal, some other morsel such as a small piece of toast  with some frijoles, tomato, cheese and a bit of avocado, coffee for Bill and tea for me.  We chatter away with Lulu while we eat.  She asks what we would like for a snack as comida isn’t until 4:00 and sends us off to school with something.  (Bill is, happily, 10, again).

School ends at 1:00, at which point we go off, usually separately, to explore, run errands or study.  We arrive back at the house at 3:30 or so.  Comida usually starts with some sort of soup.  Today it was a light fish soup made with fresh fish stock, tomatoes, saffron, thyme and fish, followed by a fresh salad platter, followed by a dish of rice with vegetables, followed by a filet of fish cooked with tomatoes, saffron and olives.  Oh, and Octavio insists we have a bit of mezcal (for the heart, he says).  We converse about all manner of subjects and finally leave the table sometime after 5:00.

We usually head out for some other activity about 6:00 – everything from yoga (if we can even move),  gallery, lecture, a library et al.  Some nights we go out for a light soup about 9:00.  Other nights we have fruit, bread and cheese with Lulu and Octavio before we go to bed.

Because  we aren’t going to be in school next week, want to set our own schedule and the intermittent Karaoke next door can drive us nuts at times, we’ve decided to move to a hotel for our last week. It was a hard decision to give up the family set up and the food, but now we can try out all the fantastic places to eat in Oaxaca and get some more sleep.

Here are some pictures to help tell the story.

Click on them to see the slide show.


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