Bikes, parades, spanish and more walls

This post has got a little bit of everything.  We’ve heard people like the photos.  So here are a bunch with some description. Click on the photos to see a slide show.

Two weekends ago we got mountain bikes and headed north out of Oaxaca up outside of San Felipe de Agua.  Kept going up and up till the road ended and a path continued.  There were a number of “kitted out” bikers in very good shape that went further onto single track.  We turned back.

Parades are big in Oaxaca: dogs, bands, weddings, quinceanera (15 year old girl’s birthday) celebration and many more.

I finished up my class and now am taking some private lessons.  Of course, I’m taking it way too seriously and can’t understand why I’m not fluent yet

Every day Bill finds something new.  Sometime he heads off early in the morning to explore some new neighborhood or we head out together.  Here are some more of his finds.


One thought on “Bikes, parades, spanish and more walls”

  1. Sounds like you’re having a marvelous time and Bill’s photos are amazing! Thanks for the blog and updates – I’m loving traveling with you. English niece, partner, and baby have been here so have fallen a bit behind, but I’m catching up and will keep up with you in the future. Travel safe and thanks for keeping your eyes wide open, and taste buds on high alert. xo

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