Artists in Oaxaca

Our first day in Oaxaca, I took Bill to all the places I hung out when I was here 2 years ago.  One of my favorite spots was the Instituto de Artes Graficas de Oaxaca, IAGO.  In addition to a gallery, there are six or so library rooms each devoted to a different art form, everything from graphics, photography, sculpture, architecture, industrial design etc.  Bill spent alot of time here.  People would  come up to him and ask, in spanish, where to find a certain book! The building was originally built as a home in the 18th C.  By the 1950’s it had deteriorated into tenement housing.  In the 70’s, the Oaxacan artist, Francisco Toledo restored it to his home and then donated it to the National Institute of Fine Arts, which then re-restored it as a gallery and to house Toledo’s graphic arts collection.  Artists in Oaxaca have had a huge role in preserving buildings here.

Another example of the role artists have played in preserving buildings was in Ocatlan, about 40 miles south of Oaxaca.  We went there Friday for market day.  Rodolfo Morales was instrumental in preserving the church as well as the adjacent convent.

This past week Bill has been making his mark on the arts here in Oaxaca.  He found a studio, Ishuakara, where he could do some printing.  The owner, Armondo, provided linoleum, carving tools, ink and a very old press.  Armondo liked the image so much he asked if he could use the image for a t-shirt supporting Ishuakara.

As we complete our month, we look back at all the arts and the influence artists have had in Oaxaca.   Here are some final pictures.


One thought on “Artists in Oaxaca”

  1. Wow, wow, and wow! I’m reading top to bottom catching up with your posts so going back in time. Again, want to be in your suitcase and following you around to the libraries, buildings, ruins, just LOOKING at everything – I’m visually in love with everywhere and everything you’ve seen and done! I could use a Zumba class myself about now. What a fantastic experience you’re having and all frosted with the glow of perpetual sunshine is like a break in our clouds when opening your blog. Your friends are traveling with you and holding you always in our hearts. Stay safe, continue enjoying and exploring, and designing! Love the linocut soon to be tee-shirt Beel – of course your instructor wanted to keep YOUR design – duh! Awesome! Love you both!!! K

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