Wrestling with Puebla

We left small town Oaxaca on Saturday the 1st to make our way towards Mexico City.  First stop, after a 4 1/2  hour bus ride, was Puebla.  Coming from Oaxaca where even the woman, from whom  Bill bought fruit everyday, gave him a big hug and kiss when he told her we were leaving, Puebla comes across not as friendly.  It is very Spanish and prides itself on playing a key role as a Spanish stronghold during the conquest.

Despite it being a bit gritty, the quality of the light at 7,000 feet,  tiled buildings with a Moorish influence and Mexican colors were reason enough to take some more pictures.

Our hotel captures some of the crazy mix of colors and styles.

Here are some shots of buildings and details.  Much of the city is a bit tired, but here and there you can find some gems.

And then there are the churches.  Here are just a few shots.  One in particular, Santo Domingo with its separate chapel, was spectacular.

When we get to a new place, Bill likes to find a place to work out.  He found, seemingly, the only one in the center of the city.   It was a network of small rooms all painted shades of purple and pink and crammed with equipment.  He didn’t feel comfortable snapping photos,  but he did get one, through a transom window, of a zumba class I took.  It seemed to be the workout place for wrestlers, both male and female.  Not far from the gym was the wrestling arena.

On our way out of Puebla, we saw a card of this painting by Octavio Ocampo, “El Amor del Arlequin”.  It grabbed us.  We are off to Cholula.



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