Mexico City

WOW, we had no idea how fantastic Mexico City is!  Thank you to all our friends who said “Go!”.  We are staying at a wonderful small hotel, Red Tree House, in the Hipodroma section of the Condesa neighborhood.  The street we are on is just around the corner from what was both a horse and car track in the early 1900s, but is now a lushly planted oval shaped avenue. The neighborhood is full of great restaurants, Art Deco townhouses, lush plantings and fountains.  Here are a few views of the neighborhood.

There are a lot of dogs, including a 9 year old blond lab, April or Avril, who belongs to the owners of the Red Tree House.  Guests take her for walks.  Many dog walkers also do on the job training.  You’ll see a line of 10 dogs all trying to be trained to sit, stand, etc at the same time.  Needless to say, there is some confusion.

Every Sunday the city closes down the Paseo de la Reforma – about 15 miles in total length.  The boulevard is packed with bike riders, roller bladers, runners et al. You can get a bike for free from bici-gratis for 3 hours – which of course we did. At major intersections, there was zumba, hula hooping, jump roping, drumming – all types of activity.  We couldn’t figure out why there were also TV cameras lining the boulevard, until about noon, when a phalanx of police cars cleared the avenue for what turned out to be the 6th stage of Vuelta Mexico, a 100k bike race.

There is so much to see in Mexico City – our posts might not be as often.  We are now busy exploring the pre-hispanic history and are off to see some pyramids.


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