Pareidolia, Moto Taxis and Steep Hikes in the Sacred Valley

Little did we know that only 15km (as the condor flies or 45 minutes by car) from Cusco, there is a whole other world  – the Sacred Valley.  It is considerably warmer than Cusco, right at the base of the Andes and the location of spectacular ruins.  Cusco was the capital of the empire, but the Sacred Valley had to have been where the Incas went to collect their thoughts.  We drove over on Easter Sunday stopping on the way in Chinchero, a market town.

The Andes come crashing down into this gorgeous and verdant narrow valley.  In each outcropping one can experience pareidolia (i.e. seeing images of animals or faces in natural phenomena).  The Incas certainly did and then further carved the mountains with terracing and structures  to accentuate their vision – all of which helped them make sense of their world.

We are staying in the middle of the Sacred Valley, about 2 km outside of  Urubamba at K’uychi Rumi (Rainbow Stone in Quechua), a wonderful retreat of cottages strung together on a trail of hummingbird gardens.  We were a little concerned about how we would get around in the immediate area until we discovered MOTO TAXIS, the motorcycle three wheeled transportation of choice.

Even with the convenience of Moto Taxis, K’uychi Rumi was hard to pull ourselves away from.

Next week is our big hike to Machu Pichu, so we have tried to keep in practice.  Everything is just a little bit steeper here – or so it seems.

We are headed back to Cusco for one night to meet up with the group we are hiking with and then take off on Sunday.  We’ll be back in Cusco a week later.



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