Another taste of Lima

On May 11th, Mother’s Day, we flew back to Lima.  We’ve enjoyed 2 days of clear blue skies and then a couple of days of Lima’s famous white skies – not bad, though, because it’s warm.  Comparing Mexico City and Lima, we’ve decided Mexico City wins.  Although the food is as good as Mexico City (many would say it is better) and the seafood IS significantly better, Lima’s neighborhoods are VERY spread-out. Lima’s density is half that of Mexico City.  Except for Barranco, where we are staying, the other neighborhoods blend into each other and don’t seem to have as many unique people places as  Mexico City.  Of course, we’ve made good use of our time here – lots of walking, looking and eating.

While we’ve been traveling, we’ve been reading.  Bill read Che Guevara’s “The Motorcycle Diaries”.  Che’s take on the South America of 1952 as well as the impact of both Spain and the U.S. on the continent have provided a counterpoint to the book I just finished, Niall Ferguson’s book “Civilization: The West and the Rest”.  It includes a fascinating discussion of the development of South America compared to North America.  (Just think what could have happened if the Spanish had gone north and the British gone south).  His thoughts on why civilizations thrive and fall provide food for thought as we explore both the ancient and current cultures, here.

Just walking the streets and stopping into random places provides lots to think about and enjoy.

In addition to seeing Lima, we’ve been preparing for our final country, Ecuador.  We leave tomorrow for Quito where our friends, Marcia and Bob, will point us in the right direction.


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