About Carolina y Bill

Lindy above the valley - Copy

To recognize our 60th birthdays and give ourselves a chance to reflect on what’s next, we’ve planned a six month break.  After spending the month of January in the Methow Valley of Washington, we’ll head off to Mexico and northwestern South America.  First stop will be Oaxaca, Mexico for four weeks where, for the first week, Bill will be taking a print making class.  While Bill is taking the print making class, I will take some intensive Spanish.  Bill will join me taking Spanish for the next three weeks.  Once we have some more Spanish, we’ll head up to Puebla and Mexico City for 2 weeks, then Columbia, Peru and Ecuador, each for about a month.

Trying to decide how to keep our friends and family posted on where we are has been a topic of family discussion.  Do we use Facebook, email or a blog?  I expect we’ll use a combination of all three.  Bill, as many of you know, is a prolific Facebook person. You’ll be able to continue to follow what he is up to on Facebook and link to this blog through his page.  I, Carolina (Lindy) haven’t jumped onto the Facebook bandwagon with the fervor Bill has and we have friends and family who aren’t Facebook users.  Thus the reason for Carolina y Bill.


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